Cosmic Patrol is an independent agency aiming to help users, especially casino gamblers, learn about the wonders of the slot game named Comic Disco slot.

We work together to provide users with reliable and timely information about the online casino industry. We primarily focus on information regarding slot games and other related topics to the Cosmic Disco slot game.

Who we are

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Cosmic Patrol is composed of experts in the casino industry. Most of us have experience in playing in land-based casinos, but we mainly focus on the online casino industry.

Each of us have decades of experience that we use to continue striving for better information and tips for our users.

We at Cosmic Patrol are situated in California, where our headquarters are located.

Meet our founder

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An expert in the casino industry that specializes in slot games.

Cayson Oneal is responsible for the concepts that are brought to life here at Cosmic Patrol. He started this website to help people that have interest in entering the casino world.

Cayson knows the feeling of regret for making wrong decisions in the gambling industry. That’s why he makes sure that he can help as much people learn about the trending topics as of now about slot games, Cosmic Disco slot.


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In 2019, Cayson Oneal came up with an idea of creating a website for helping his friends learn about the game he’s obsessed with, the Cosmic Disco slot game. However, he soon realized the significance of this game and made it so that other people can also learn.

That was when Cosmic Patrol was created. Since he lives in Riverside, California, he started recruiting people from the same locality. This is the main reason why most of the members also live in California, particularly in places around Riverside.

Since then, Cosmic Patrol became a beacon for gamblers to learn more about slot games and take a look at what Cosmic Disco can give to them if ever they decide to play it.

What we do

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As an independent agency, it is our duty to guide our users without the help of others. We do this through research as we provide timely and reliable information to casino gamblers in this website. Our articles are mainly gaming tips for Cosmic Disco and recommendations for slot games.

If you are interested in our what we do here at Cosmic Patrol, you can always reach out to us in our Contact page, and we’ll make sure to respond to you earnestly.