Comparable Slot Games to Cosmic Disco

For those of us who are avid gamers and players of online slots, there is one name that stands out for online slots games, are Cosmic Disco slots, but what are the alternatives to this game? What games can compete with the excitement it creates or has the bonuses and rewards we get from playing Cosmic Disco? Well, there are at least four good options for other slots games inside of the virtual casinos game rooms. We will cover exactly which games those are, what they each have to offer, and how they compare to CD and the reasons to play them as alternatives. Hopefully, we will offer you with some great ideas for games to try out if you love playing online casino’s slots games as much as us.

Cosmic Disco Slot Game Brief

So, if you are unfamiliar with Cosmic Disco, then we will explain a few major details about it so that you can compare our suggestions and you will have some great games to look for and try out the next time you are inside one of the many virtual casinos. First, CD is a 5-reel slot with 25 winning lines possible. It has some unique yellow, green, or blue disco characters that are the highest paying symbols to match along with alien cocktails and the typical high value paying card symbols of your ace, king, queen, and jack. Also, an alien spaceship acts as the wild symbol and a shiny disco ball is the scatter symbol. If you land three scatter symbols in any of the 25 winning lines then it opens bonus free games for you to play (scatter symbols are only on reels 1, 3, and 5). The amount you bet on the bonus winning spin will be the set-in place bet amount for your free games. So that’s the basics of Cosmic Disco gameplay for those of you unfamiliar, now let’s take a look at some comparable slot games and see what they have to offer us as alternatives if CD is not available for play on our virtual casino choice for any particular day. So here are four alternatives:


This immersive game design from the powerhouse producer of online casinos game NetEnt has quickly become a favourite of many online gamers. Its 5-reel construction only offers 10 payout lines, but somehow those 10 lines seem to match up more often, therefore pay out more often, than many of the other available games with more payout lines to offer. We are not sure how they did it, but we sure are appreciative of this feature. Also, because Net Entertainment game designers built it, they structured the game so that it can be played on mobile devices. So, this wonderful little gem of a game can be played on the go on both Android and also iPhone devices. This feature is a definite plus in our book and if you’re a gamer who loves playing while on the go, then it will be in yours too. The game’s symbols are dazzling and appear as beautiful jewel in blue, purple, yellow, green, and orange. As these well-created jewels go whirling by on every spin, the blur of beauty they create will mesmerize you. Also, the virtual slot machine features the classic bar and 7 slot symbols that are the top payout symbols to match, just like with so many other slot games. This gives the game a modern spin on the typical and classic slots design. If you are interested in the payout for each symbol or what combination of symbols get paid out along with any specific symbol, just hover your mouse over that symbol and a pop-up box will appear that has all the winnings info related to that symbol. A handy little feature as you begin to learn the game for the first time. An excellent feature that NetEnt has added to this and a few other slots games is the Skill Stop feature. What this does is gives you the ability to stop the reels from spinning with the click of the mouse or press of a specific key on your keyboard. While they claim the outcome is still made completely by random, many players believe they can get a specific symbol to show up in the outcome of a spin by clicking at just the right time. This makes the game a bit more interactive than some others. Then, for you players who don’t want or need that extra interaction to make the game exciting or worthwhile, you have the option for an Auto Spin feature to be engaged. This optional feature gives the player the ability to just sit back and let the game run itself for a set number of spins at the same bet amount. Spin after spin the winnings and will automatically add and subtract as you just sit back and watch. Or maybe you want to use the restroom or cook yourself a snack, well then you do not even have to stop the gameplay to take a break. You simply engage the Auto Spin and let the gameplay itself while you do whatever it is you have to do. Great for those who want to play as many spins as possible, in the hopes of striking it rich with a jackpot spin of course. Other notable features on the Starburst slots game are the Wilds and the Win Both Ways bonus rounds. The first is a bonus round that engages when you land wild symbols in the three middle reels of the game. When this happens, a bonus spin is awarded, and the wild symbols blow up to fill up all the reels. Then if you happen to land a wild symbol in your bonus spin, you receive another bonus spin and another… again and again up to five bonus spins per round. This can generate you a pretty penny of winnings if you manage to land some decent line matching wins during the round. The next bonus is the Win Both Ways bonus. This is exactly as it sounds, where you can win the payout of any combination of symbols no matter which way it appears on the spin outcome – whether that be left to right or right to left – only the order matters not the direction of the order. All of these features add together to create a wonderful gaming slots experience on many online casinos repertoire of games. But others are just as exciting with as much or even more to offer, so let’s look at another some more.

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Cosmic Eclipse

Another great slots game released by supergiant game designer NetEnt, the Comic Eclipse slot game features five reels with three rows of symbols and offers 10 payout lines. Unfortunately, you have no control over picking which winning lines you wish to activate as all 10 are present and always activated. Although, you do have quite a range of betting abilities to make up for it. Now, there is only one bonus round and one extra winning symbol. So as you may be beginning to see this game is meant for those players who just want to spin their virtual slot machine and have a basic structure for winning that they can easily understand and follow along – knowing right away what they one without having to refer to any instructional material to review why a particular spin outcome won a specific amount. They can easily follow the layout of this game and simply understand the overall structure, which gives it an attractive appeal to gamers who are after a traditional slot gaming experience. The highest paying symbols on this game are the red planet, the yellow planet, and the green planet. Winning combinations with these symbols start at 20x your bet amount for payouts and go all the way up to 60x. Then there are the lower-paying symbols that represent various rocks and minerals and payout rates from 5x up to 50x. So there are plenty of chances to win on its limited number of paying lines. Now, there is a wild symbol that can take the place of any symbol to make up a winning combination in any line. Also, in the fifth reel, there is a black hole symbol. If your spin happened to land with the black hole symbol appearing inside of a winning line then you begin a bonus round of play. In the bonus round the black hole round chooses a symbol as the winning symbol for the round. Then suck in all the occurrences of that symbol before triggering the bonus re-spins. Again, it sucks in all the instances of the chosen symbol until there are no more left to collect or it has reached 15x of the symbol appearing in a free bonus spin; In which case it spits out all the collected symbols back into the playing field randomly and awards all the line combination that is made, giving you that amount for the bonus round reward. It can be a very lucrative feature to trigger. So, as you can see, this simplistic game design is a nod to the tangible slot machines your grandpa used to play on with just small modern additions to keep it interesting. But there are other, more modern, counterparts to the Cosmic Disco slot machine game that we are all so fond of, that can be great alternatives when that game is not available. For instance:

Cosmic Cat

This futuristic outer space designed game from the Microgaming software production company certainly is a competitor in the slot world. It features a space theme that is very appealing to the eye and an otherworldly feel to the game itself. If you are a fan of cats, to begin with, then you will thoroughly enjoy the cat and mouse in outer space background for the games screen. For the gameplay itself, it is a three-reel setup with only one payout line. This simplistic design affords the player the ability to play fast and furious in keeping the reel-spinning almost constantly; with the anticipation of every spin driving you crazy. The payout system is also a wonderful feature. The cat symbol acts as a wild symbol and can help you turn every line combination into a winning one. Especially since just landing on one single cat symbol in the payout line automatically rewards with the bet amount. Two cats and you are on your way to winning enormous amounts. Also, the cat symbol is the highest paying one in the game. When you land on three cat symbols the game flips out and starts shooting off laser sounds and graphics, letting you know you just hit it big time. Now, we will not give away the secret of just how much you can win when landing on this top rewarding combination, but it will have you jumping for joy, that’s for sure. But, there is still one more game that can compare to the attractive qualities of Cosmic Disco and its gameplay. That last game is:

Star Dust

If you are looking for a game that has a whole lot more going on then the more simplistic game designs we just covered, then Star Dust is the slot game for you. Another gem of a game from the maker Microgaming, this slot boasts five reels with four winning lines each. Yes, you did the math correct. That equates to a whopping 40 pay-lines on this game. That’s just the beginning, this game features a whole host of bonus options. To start with, there are four gem symbols in the reels that are the base of the gameplay. While you still earn payouts when you match three or more of the playing card symbols that are the basic ones spinning on the reels, then you receive a basic payout. But, if you land on three of the red, blue, orange, or yellow gem symbols, then you will win much more lucrative payouts. The bonus features explode from there, as any time you land on the stardust symbol spinning around in the third reel, then the game shoots out lasers and explodes any gem symbol on the screen and collects the results of the blown-up gems into a meter on the right-hand side of the screen. Once the meter is full, you trigger the exciting free spin bonus round. In the free spin bonus round, you are given an unbelievable 1,024 ways to win a payout. Yes, you read that right, you have 1,024 separate ways to win a payout in the bonus free spin round. Just a couple of examples of how this staggering amount of possibilities are both the super-stacked wilds possibility and also the radiant re-spin features. The super-stacked wilds fill the reels with various wildcard symbols that can be used to match up to anyone of the regular 40 winning lines. While the radiant re-spin feature creates chances of winning huge amounts of rewards. It does this because any time you win by matching any three or four symbols in a line this feature gets triggered. Once activated it locks in the win causing symbol reels and then re-spins the remaining reels, in the hopes you might make an even better winning combination. Those are just the basics, and the full list of features that this game has is too long to list in a simple article, as it could go on for pages and pages.

Wrap Up

So, as you can see many comparable games equal the enjoyment created by playing Cosmic Disco. These were just a few of our personal favourites and ones that we are already familiar with. There are sure to be many others out there and challenge you to keep trying out new games to find the most enjoyable games to add to your list of games to play. Then you can rotate your way through your favourites list and be able to avoid any single game getting overplayed and losing its excitement factor. This will make continued and continuous gaming not only possible but also an attractive idea for spending some time unwinding after a gruelling day at work or when you have some free time on your days off. Whatever you chose to play and whenever you choose to play it, the key to it all is just continue gaming. These online virtual casinos have a ton to offer, and who knows, that next spin could win big and be the one that makes you rich.